Autism Solutions of Granbury

Now THAT's a vehicle!!

Our kids have skills…lots and lots of skills!

Our goal is to provide programming leading to independence. Independence is a beautiful word, isn’t it? Independence!


Learning play acquisition skills and having fun!  Our kids are the best!  ABA is such a powerful and marvelous intervention for developing the communication, behavioral, social and academic skills of our kiddos!  Have a wonderful and safe Fall!

Table Time

Summertime, summertime… to love it! Don’t forget that while you’re out with your special child, “Catch ’em being good.” This is one of the principles of ABA which is easy to implement if we just remember to do so. This means praise, praise, praise your child for such things as spontaneously looking at you, “Hey, that was great looking!” Or, “I like the way you’re keeping your hands down!” Perhaps, “Wow! That was great waiting!!” So many times our kids receive attention (albeit negative) when they do things “wrong,” but lesser attention when they behave appropriately. This summer don’t forget to praise them for those times that you “catch ’em being good!”

Our thoughts and prayers are with one special little boy whom we work with who is getting tubes placed in his ears today!  They are the type of tubes that stay in for a number of years and are commonly used in certain instances because of their longevity.  Mom, I’m about to give you a ring…..God bless.

As “Autism Awareness” month winds to an end those of us affected by autism can honestly say that every month is Autism Awareness Month. Lets don’t grow weary….keep on spreading awareness and striving for the excellent behavioral, social, language and academic progress our kids are capable of.

We had a wonderful “practice” this cool, crisp Spring morning.  For those of you familiar with the Beach Boys…..”round-round, get around, I get around”…………in other words, some of our highly energic kids “got around” the track (some several times.)  Some volunteers will sleep well tonight 🙂  The 3 wheel cyclists did their share of getting around, too.  So much energy, so little time…….

O.K., we need more months….Two very worthy causes are sharing the same MONTH and the same COLOR.  April is “Child Abuse Awareness” month and “Autism Awareness” month.  Maybe we could merge them into “Child Abuse and Autism Awareness” month.

We will be open on Good Friday.  Please bring your child’s Easter basket as we will be “practicing” Easter activities.  We have extra baskets if you forget.  We have had a wonderful week.  All the kiddos are doing great!  We love each and every one of them.  Looking forward to a wonderful day tomorrow and a blessed weekend:)  Happy Easter!!!!

Happy Birthday to a special little boy who is making great progress!  Mom and Dad you are doing a great job.  Keep up the good work:)

March 2023